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QuestionCan you tell us more about the cancer which you had and how did you deal with it after you found out about it? Answer


Sure, I had testicular cancer. Which I was told is one of the more treatable types.

They treated it by removing the nut.(That’s called an orchiectomy. a friend of mine made me watch lots of LOTR to replace the Orcs in my system post surgery) —It was pulled up through my body. I have a scar right above my crotch. and then they tattooed dots on me so they could line me up on a machine every day to shoot me with radiation in order to kill the cancer that had spread to my lymph nodes.

I have lots of stories from around that time, I got sent to a sperm bank where nurses send you into a room with the option to masturbate to nurse porn. 

My publisher at the time, Tokyopop was fucking with the cover I’d done for the 1st King city, and I got to send them an email telling them to leave it alone signed “Serious as cancer” 

When I was recovering I went to the Gilda’s club in Seattle. but I wasn’t really in a place to process anything. 

After I moved up to Canada I think I had to deal with a lot of the emotional so and so that I’d wracked up in my life. I had a year as more of living like a shut in—and then some time dealing with depression. (I’m on medication now that makes me sweat more but helps my brain work) 

A friend of mine who works as a book publisher was telling me that I should do a book about it— but that feels I dunno— disingenuous. I’d rather let it seep into the work. 

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Hardcore dude and his tear stained khakis go to the mall and hit on your little sister

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Shit my Ed Psych professor is playing the titanic theme while he takes attendance SHIT we are going DoWN

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QuestionOnce, I was driving to school and I saw quentin tarantino walking in the opposite direction. Answer


are you sure it was him because this happened to me before but it was actually just my dad

very nice of this fly orbiting me as i write this short story, reminding me that i am shit. 

Props to the little kid who just walked out of chipotle and shouted “WOOO CHILI’S!”

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Friend: dude have you seen those big anime ti-


Friend: I didn’t even finish what I wa-


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The Place Beyond the Pines - (2012)